Wedding Ring Pendant No. 1

Wedding Ring Pendant No. 1


This handmade ring holder pendant is both mechanical and kinetic. It is made from pure sterling silver. It hinges open at the bottom so that the ring can be inserted and removed. Two powerful rare earth magnets hold the lid closed and keep the ring secure. A brass ball bearing rolls easily around its middle. Finally, both the pendant and the chain have been finished with a subtle patina to visually enhance their form. The pendant hangs on a 24 inch long, 2mm thick silver rolo chain which closes with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

This pendant is a variation of a piece I once created for an ER surgeon whose work often demanded that he remove his wedding band at a moment's notice. He sometimes tied it to his scrubs, but after nearly losing it more than once to the hospital laundry, he wanted a more secure place to keep it. This pendant was a solution to that problem. Since that first pendant, I have been contacted by artists and crafters who work with their hands, women whose fingers have swollen due to pregnancy, and individuals looking for a way to wear an heirloom ring or the wedding band of a lost loved one. 

The pendant as shown was created to hold a size 10 or 11 ring in a 1/4" width (6mm) ring. It measures approximately 26.5 mm (1.06 in.) in diameter and 7.5 mm (.3 in) thick. If you have a ring in this size and width, you can purchase the pendant shown in this listing. I will also make one to fit your specific ring. Because of that, the measurements of your pendant may vary slightly.  

Please note: Your pendant can also be personalized to include patterned metal, a stone, or some other adornment. Another chain type and length can also be substituted. Please contact me for more information and a price quote if you think you might like one of these options. Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this piece before ordering. 

If you would like to see a short video of this pendant in action, you can head over to this Instagram post:

This pendant will be shipped domestically via USPS Express Mail within 6-8 weeks of purchase. International orders will be shipped via FedEx.


This pendant contains two rare-earth magnets. If you have a pacemaker or similar implant, please check with your doctor that this pendant will not interfere with its function.


If you are purchasing a ring from me for this pendant: Great! Just let me know what you purchased in this listing’s dropdown menus and I’ll do the rest.

If this is a custom pendant created to fit a ring you already own: It’s important to me that we get a perfect fit, so I’ve developed a couple of great tricks for getting the measurements exactly right. First, start by providing the size and width of your ring in the two dropdown menus. At checkout, leave me a Note on the inside and outside diameters of your ring in millimeters (check the final photo of this listing for measuring tips). After you’ve placed your order, I will send you two brass sample rings to confirm your measurements; you should be able to fit your ring between the two brass rings. If the fit is good, confirm and send them back in the included postage-paid envelope. If the fit is too far off, I might send you a revised set of samples. I will keep in touch throughout the process and I’m always available if you have any questions.


Buying jewelry to last a lifetime can be a difficult choice. I encourage you to take a look at my excellent feedback and feel free to contact me if you have any questions before making your purchase.

(Please note: This listing is for the PENDANT ONLY. The ring is not included and is shown in the photos for reference only. You are responsible for providing me with accurate measurements. I will make your ring holder to accommodate the dimensions that you give me; if these dimensions are incorrect, the ring may not fit on the pendant. Please note these dimensions in the Notes To Seller field at checkout. After you have placed your order, I will contact you to confirm these measurements. If your ring has a stone please contact me before purchase for special instructions.

Alternatively, if you order your ring from me, I will make your holder to match that ring and will ship both together.)

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