Satellite Earrings

Satellite Earrings


This is the fourth set of earrings in my handmade Satellite series. They are asymmetrical; each one is a unique work of art. These pieces are very sculptural and a lot of fun to make, though challenging in that they must look great individually yet aesthetically balanced as a pair. Each earring in this pair is unique, though roughly the same size. They measure approximately 2 1/4" long by 1 3/8" wide (with the satellites themselves measuring about 1 1/2" long). They are made entirely of sterling silver and the hooks have been given a small dish of their own for even better reception ;)

This particular set has been included as part of the Forbes Galleries' "Out Of This World! Jewelry In The Space Age" show and exhibited in the following cities:

-The Forbes Galleries, New York City, NY (March 16, 2013 - September 7, 2013)
-Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA (June 27, 2015 - January 4, 2016)


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