Round and Round Dangle Earrings

Round and Round Dangle Earrings

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These kinetic earrings were inspired by my desire to create things that challenge one's usual notions of jewelry. I love to make pieces that incorporate moving parts and enjoy figuring out new ways of doing this. They are handmade from sterling silver with brass ball bearings. 

These earrings measure 5/8" in diameter by 1/8" thick with a 5/16" hole in the middle and an overall height of just over 1 1/2". The ball bearings are trapped within the channel of each earring; they move about freely, but cannot come out. They also make a pleasant sound as they roll around!

These earrings ship within one to three days of purchase via USPS First Class Mail. If you need them sooner, please contact me and I will do my best!

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