Robo-Urchin Ring (2011) - Robot Sea Series (One of a Kind) - Size 8.75

Robo-Urchin Ring (2011) - Robot Sea Series (One of a Kind) - Size 8.75


I've held on to most of my Robot Sea Series (2011) pieces just because I loved them so much. In some ways, the series was quite a departure from what I had previously done (particularly in regards to materials), though at the same time still very recognizable as my own work. Anyway, I really like this series and I've decided I'd like it a little more if other people enjoyed it as well. So you'll see the pieces popping up in my feed, my Etsy shop, and my website. They were all created in 2011. Most are one of a kind, though some are extremely limited editions.

Don't let the name or the aggressive spikes of this stylized sea urchin ring fool you: it is really quite harmless! This ring is the result of a challenge to myself to shake things up, use daring new materials, and create something that is assertive and fun, yet highly wearable. This ring is finely crafted from sterling silver and finished with a warm patina. It features a double half round band ending gracefully in the cupped disk which holds the bristles. The red spikes are made of a soft and pliable silicone. They explode out of a second domed disk on the top of the ring like sea urchin. On the back, between the two ends of the band is a small silver circle showing my 'dtw' hallmark stamp. The overall height of this ring is about 2 3/8". Size 8.75. A fun, unique ring that will be available as a One of a Kind piece only. 

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