Welcome! Iā€™m Chuck Domitrovich and I have been making and selling jewelry for nearly twenty years now. I stumbled into jewelry while attending the University of Washington, which at the time had an excellent metal arts program (sadly, no more!) I was taking art classes to fill holes in my class schedule, and the only thing that would fit was an Intro to Jewelry class. I was skeptical about taking the class because I had no knowledge of and no interest in jewelry at the time. But I did sign up -- and I have never looked back.

I was surprised to find that the basic jewelry skills came easily to me. I loved the small scale and I loved exploring traditional jewelers' tools and techniques. Metal was the perfect medium for my skill set: patience and close attention to detail.

All of the work in my shop is mine, made from my own designs. I work alone, though I do have some of the components cast by a local Seattle company. I use these in some of my pieces in order to cut down on my time and keep them affordable. These components were designed by me and are made from prototypes that I have created myself, by hand, from metal, using traditional jewelry making techniques.

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Chuck Domitrovich